Zentropia Spa Hotels

Zentropia Spa Hotels by Palladium Spa & Wellness

Welcome to our Zentropia Spa and beauty centres. They form part of our new line of Spa hotel services from the marque Palladium Hotels & Resorts, where the best-equipped, sophisticated facilities invite you to tone and detox your body inside and out.
The latest space from a unique marque, where sensations combine and reinvent themselves while you sink into profound relaxation, wellness and harmony.

Zentropia by Palladium Spa & Wellness is a new concept of wellness and health to improve your quality of life which allows you to undergo a unique experience in various spots of the world, with centres in the Caribbean and Spain: Rivera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, Jamaica, Punta Cana and Ibiza.
The avant-garde designs fuse with the surroundings and nature, with the perfect touch of beauty, harmony and finesse pervading all corners, and each detail well thought out to create just the right ambience to provide you with the personal care and exclusivity that EVERYONE needs.
That is why each Zentropia Spa Centre is different, although they strive for excellence based on the same principles: care, quality and exclusivity, the cornerstones of our philosophy.
Zentropia offers delightful retreats where you can be in harmony with the relaxing treatments that will help stave off the stress of the tumult of daily life. Spaces created to enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and wellness.

** Entry to the water zones (jacuzzis, pool, sauna and steam bath) at Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness costs $10 USD per person per day for guests at Grand Palladium hotel resorts.
Entry to the water zones is included for guests at The Royal Suites by Palladium and members of the Palladium Travel Club. There will also be promotions and special services.

For your information, anyone receiving a treatment at Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness has entry to the water zone included for the day.

Enjoy a fabulous experience in our Resort & Spa hotels with Zentropia by Palladium Spa & Wellness and let yourself be taken to a unique spot in the world.